Monday, May 12, 2008

Card from a Friend.

This pretty card is from my friend Terri. She and I have been scrapbooking and making cards together for a while. She is so talented. Her cards have such an easiness about them. They never looked forced just like she planned them for hours and hours. I love the blues and browns in this one. It is always nice to get a handmade card because as a card maker you know how much thought and work went into the card. I love it and will cherish it for ever. What a blessing to have such a special friend.

I had such a wonderful weekend at my parents. I went to their house friday night to do some things for them and earn money for my mission trip in June. Then saturday morning we cooked breakfast together. Dad gave mom and I jobs to do while he cooked the eggs and bacon. We had a great time just laughing and being together. After breakfast my sweet niece, Sydney, came over. She played with play-dough while mom and I worked on her computer. I am truely blessed to have such a wonderful family who really enjoy each other.