Monday, February 2, 2009

Designer Depends.

I think a found a new crazy craft.....designer depends. My friend Kim and I had a 40th birthday party to go to for a cute and super couple. We wanted to do something to poke fun at them but it needed to be family friendly. So I thought wow the Weldon's are such a fashionable couple and just because you get old does not mean you have to stop being fashionable. So my idea was born. Kim helped me gather the supplies I needed and gave me great feed back on all my decorations. So I applied garnet, gold and football ribbon to his pair, added his football number and a big 40on the back. For her pair I attached a black and silver boa then some silver coin trim with lots or rhinestones and over the hill ribbon. I think you can see by the picture that the happy couple loved their new attire. I sure had a blast creating them

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Children's crafts.

I know that I have not blogged in a while. That is for many reasons. I started a new job in May, my computer at home was old and I could not post and in June I went on a mission trip to Ecuador. So with the last reason in mind a want my first post back to be used to share with you some crafts done by the children we saw in Ecuador.

Our church went to the capitol of Ecuador which is Quito. We ran a medical mission for a number of school children. In addition we did a bible study while the children waited to see the doctor. We sang songs with them, colored pictures and made a cross which they could take with them. They are able to pick the color of ribbons on their cross and then they pressed it in colored glitter. These children's faces would light up with love when they saw their finished cross. They were so excited that these pretty things they made would now belong to them.

I have done many crafts in my days from cross stitch to cards and scrapbooking but those little glitter covered crosses were the most special craft I ever helped make. Seeing the simple inexpensive supplies come together and show God's love was like a small miracle. We could not always communicate in language with these children but the language of God's love needs no words. How blessed I was to be involved in a craft that was truly from heaven above.