Friday, April 18, 2008

Painted Pots

These are two pots that I painted for a charity auction to raise money to help fight cancer. They were signed by Brad Johnson and Casey Weldon. Brad plays currently for the Dallas Cowboys and Casey played NFL for the Redskins but is best known in Tallahassee as a past star quarterback for FSU. He and Brad both played quarterback for FSU back in the day. I was very nervous about painting on these pots because they were already signed by the guys. It was also my first time using spray sealer and I had many moments of panic that the filmy haze would clear. But after a little while it did and I did many happy dances. I have painted the Seminole head many times on my car window for football season but never on a rounded object. The Cowboy pot was harder to paint because I am a Steeler fan and had to overcome the need to paint a large buster sign over the whole thing. However I got over my pain and painted it correctly since it was for a great charity.

This is a picture of Casey Weldon, my friend Kim, me and Brad Johnson. It was taken at Brad Johnson's house during a charity Golf tournament lunch. Both these guys are great Christian men, talented football players, super fathers and generally nice guys!

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